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Red River WDG Termiticide – Insecticide

Red River WDG is an inorganic, non-repellant, special local needs product, and is the first environmentally friendly termiticide for both above and below ground. By being an inorganic product, Red River WDG does not break down like conventional organic chemistries, and thus, it provides a stronger and more durable defense barrier to wood destroying pests.

Modes of Action: Subterranean Termites molt every 6 weeks, allowing their exoskeletons to become highly susceptible to Red River WDG’s desiccating action. Also the active ingredient in Red River WDG causes a break down in subterranean termites’ dendrite levels, thus, creating a disconnect within the nervous system.

Red River WDG withstands up to ¾ inches of water without any detriment to its effectiveness. Also it does not move laterally or vertically which allows up to a 5 day buffer between soil application and concrete pour. As for effectiveness, current U.S. Forest Service studies demonstrate a 98% efficacy, and Texas A7M has reported 100% efficacy against the troublesome Formosan Termite !

Isopthor Termite Colony Elimination System


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