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New Construction Termite Pretreatment

520 Termite & Pest Solution Conventional Liquid Pre-treatments are always completed correctly and on time! We have the best response time in the industry, and that means you stay on schedule. The major objective of this liquid pre-treatment is to establish the product barrier between the soil, where termites live, and the wood or other cellulose material in the structure.

Stages Of Treatment

2 sometimes 3 trips are mandatory in order to perform the different stages of a liquid barrier treatment:

  • A horizontal spray on compacted fill after the plumbing inspection; before pouring of foundation and slab.
  • Treatment of any areas abutting the existing slab before they are poured; such as patios and walkways.

  • Final perimeter treatment after the irrigation, landscaping is installed.

Why 520 Termite & Pest Solution?

One of the most important aspects of performing a successful pre-construction termite treatment involves the close working relationship between 520 Termite & Pest Solution and the builder. We understand how a contractor’s schedule changes, and that’s why our offices are open weekdays from

7:00 AM until 5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 9 AM till 2:00 PM

When you call 520 Termite & Pest Solution you will speak to a real person not a machine! 520 Termite & Pest Solution has over 40 years experience pretreating homes, and large commercial projects.

All equipment is calibrated to the job and product’s label specifications. Therefore, giving the contractor and the owner of the property piece of mind that the property is being treated properly.


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