Termite Control in Arizona

Termites are notorious for the damage they wreak on buildings. Many species are harmless to humans and their property, however, the few in our area that do cause damage, cause a lot. Feasting on cellulose, contained in wood and it’s by-products, these species cause millions of dollars in damage within Arizona each year.

How big of an issue are termites in Arizona?

Termites are so prevalent in the Arizona that it is required to have a pretreatment done for termites prior to building a new home or structure. This pretreatment comes standard with a 5 year warranty at 520 Termite. The most common termite in Arizona is the Subterranean Termite. Like its name

“Subterranean” this termite primarily colonizes underground. Being subterranean by nature these termites can sneak into a home by coming up from underneath a home using cracks in the slab/foundation and begin causing damage without the home owner even being aware.
520 Termite & Pest Service, a leader in the field of termite inspections and termite control for over 40 years, offers our customers state of the art services that include:


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