Ants Exterminator

Ants are common in outdoor areas in Arizona, and it is not unusual to find them on grass and foliage outside of your home or business. They are continuously searching for food sources, and they can aggressively feed on human food and food waste inside buildings when it is accessible and available. Most forage for food and return to their colonies after finding food sources inside of buildings or houses. Some species can form permanent colonies inside, near food.

Ants can contaminate the food they contact by transmitting pathogens and microorganisms from their abdomens to the surfaces where food is stored. They are very attractive to many other insects and animals as food sources themselves, and an infestation can lead to problems with other household pests. When they open up points of entry to the inside, other insects use the same pathways to get inside in search of feeding and breeding spaces.

Ants Commonly Found in Arizona


Carpenter Ants are large black ants usually seen inside around water sources in kitchens and bathrooms. They build nests inside and around wooden structures when food and water are nearby. They chew on wooden structures to tunnel from place to place and create galleries to lay eggs. They leave piles of sawdust as evidence in areas where they have been digging. Carpenter infestation requires immediate professional treatment because of the significant damage they cause to wooden structures. The presence of Carpenter Ants is also a strong indicator of possible termite infestation.


These small brown ants build up the anthills you typically see along sidewalks and patios. Pavement ants are especially destructive when they get inside of garages or basements, as their digging and piling of dirt can damage concrete slabs and foundations.


Cornfield Ants are small and feed very aggressively on sugary foods. When sweet food material is not sealed correctly or cleaned up, they can move quickly to feed and then return to their colony. They move rapidly from outside areas to food sources inside and can easily transmit microorganisms to human food. 

Odorous House

Odorous House Ants carry their name because of the pungent rotten fruit odor they emit when crushed. These commonly nest in soft or rotten wood. They are most likely to colonize inside of buildings if they find soft or moist wooden structures that are insulated from cooler weather. 

Sometimes you can see evidence of them in your home or business along their entry points in baseboards and window casements. Other times the only evidence you may see are the ones inside your property foraging for food and water. If your property shows any signs of an infestation, you should seek professional treatments to eliminate active infestations. Continuing treatments and exclusionary techniques can prevent future infestation.

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