Termites are some of the most destructive types of infestations homeowners deal with, causing billions worth of property damage in the U.S. alone. While they primarily consume wood, termites can feed on many common household or property items like books, towels or insulation. Once termites have found their way into your home, it can be difficult to get rid of them, and it is best to act fast. Since 1967, 520 Termite & Pest Solutions has provided exceptional pest control services for Valley residential and commercial properties. If you are looking to start living pest-free, contact us today for a free estimate so that you can protect your family and business. Read on to see why termites are so dangerous for properties, and what to do if you start noticing that your home or business is being damaged by them.

Why Are Termites So Dangerous?

While not inherently hazardous to humans, termites are often a property’s worst nightmare. Termites do not just prefer to eat wood – the cellulose and other plant materials found in many housing components is actually their primary food source. The largest of termites can even eat and digest a pound of wood a day! Similar to bees, termites often employ a colony structure that can very quickly mean thousands of termites living in and consuming building materials. Termite queens can live for 30 years and lay 30,000 eggs a day, meaning your infestation can quickly turn into an invasion.

Termites are also very effective at wreaking havoc on your structure without you even knowing, making them especially more dangerous than rodents or roaches that are often easier to notice. Typically, if you begin to suspect you have a termite issue, they have already done extensive damage. Because damage done by termites is fast and more difficult to spot, monitoring your space for signs of damage can be beneficial for property owners. If you notice walls that have begun to peel, hollow-sounding wood panels or maze-like indentations, termites are often the cause.

Hundreds of thousands of American homes are affected by termite damage each year, causing significant issues for buyers, sellers and realtors. Because of how prevalent termites can be, if you are in the market for a new home, consulting with a trained professional to assess and evaluate a home before you purchase is a wise investment. While terminate damage should not dissuade you from buying a property, an initial inspection enables you to make the most informed decision. Homeowner’s insurance also will not typically extend to termite damage, making tracking and treating termite damage all the more important before irreparable harm is done.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Of all the pests that plague properties, termites are some of the most difficult to eradicate, and treating termites is a job best left to professionals. At 520 Termite & Pest Solutions, we are one of the Valley leaders in effective and affordable pest control. Termite damage cannot just affect the look and value of your property, but lead to irrevocable structural and electrical damage, and make your home or office a health hazard. Besides property, termites have been known to cause damage to trees and other green elements in and around your home, making a professional treatment essential.

Unfortunately, if you have noticed a termite infestation in your property, it is not an issue you can ignore or that will go away on its own. Any length of time that termites inhabit and feed off the materials of your home or office will lead to long-term damage, so it is best to invest in a professional consultation as soon as you first notice the symptoms of termite damage. To truly remove the source of a termite issue, a pest control company with expert knowledge and top-of-the-line equipment is the only way to eliminate termites once and for all.

Why Choose Us?

At 520 Termite and Pest Solutions, we have decades of experience servicing the pest control needs of Valley residential and commercial customers. As a family-owned company, we offer services without contracts, sign-up fees or long-term obligations because we are committed to providing exceptional, risk-free inspections and treatments.

Our expertly trained technicians receive ongoing training to ensure they stay up to date with the newest methods and technology, giving you the peace of mind that whenever you work with us you have access to the best and most advanced treatment options.

We service Tucson, Phoenix and many other parts of Southern Arizona, so if your property is experiencing issues with termites, rodents or other pests, don’t delay in seeking a solution. Contact us today for a free estimate!